i-pill - The Emergency Contraceptive Pill

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What is i-pill?

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  • It is an emergency contraceptive pill from cipla(A renowned pharmaceutical company).
  • i-pill is the first single pill Emergency Contraception to be made available.
  • It is ideal for situations when things have gone wrong( unprotected sex, rape, contraceptive failure,...).
  • Morning after pill, emergency contraception are the same thing. They prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex, but will not harm a pregnancy if you are already pregnant.
  • One pill is to be taken as soon as possible, but within 72hrs of unprotected sex.
  • According to the company Cipla, i-pill decreases the chances of pregnancy by over 84-90 per cent when consumed within 12 hours, or no later than 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.
  • Anyone can avail i-pill at any chemist or druggist without a prescription.
  • It is useful in preventing unwanted pregnancy.


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